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The Amazon tribe that kills and eats monkeys

19/01/2017 Daily Mail - Pete Oxford

Life among the monkey hunters: The Amazon tribe that eats primates they have learned to catch by climbing trees and shooting them with blowpipes

Foto: Daily Mail

Foto: Daily Mail

There are no fast food restaurants or grocery stores in the rainforests of eastern Ecuador, so if the Huaorani people want to eat they go out with a blowpipe and shoot a monkey. 

They are experts at shinning up trees and lying in wait for the primates, which they kill with poisoned darts fired from blowpipes. 

Monkey meat is a staple of their diet, which also includes peccary pigs and toucans aswell as plants and herbs foraged in the forest by the women. 

The Huaorani live not far from the Rio Napo, which eventually flows into the mighty Amazon in neighbouring Peru. 

British photographer Pete Oxford, who took these images, said: 'The Huaorani Indians are a forest people highly in tune with their environment. 

'Today they face radical change to their culture to the proximity of oil exploration within their territory and the Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve, they are vastly changed.

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